Welcome to the DivineMC Network Donation Store.  Here you can choose various packages to make your game experience even better!

Before purchasing please get permission from the card owner or paypal account owner.

What if I don't receive my items?

Often times this is due to latency between the server the donation website.  Please wait a couple more minutes and this issue will often resolve itself.  However, if it does not resolve itself, please email us at raidpvp.us@gmail.com or contact us through the Contact Form on the website.  You can also message a staff member in-game who will let a senior staff member know immediately.

Terms of Service:

Payment to DivineMC Network is a payment for the virtual items included in the purchased package.  All purchases are final and there are no refunds for any reason.  If you are banned from the server you will not be refunded and all purchased items will be terminated.  You may be banned for violation of server rules (which are subject to being changed at the discretion of the server owners). The items purchased have no real-world value so even if the server is terminated, you will not be refunded.

Privacy Policy:

We take your privacy seriously. All information collected from you is kept private and will not be disclosed for any reason.Your information will not be shared with any other company or server.



DivineMC Network is not affiliated with Mojang